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As vape enthusiasts, collaborations are our second most favorite activity after vaping itself. Collaborations mean creativity, renovations, and a better, badass device for the seasoned vapers! The most anticipated collaboration between Dovpo and most popular Australian Youtuber, Vaping Bogan, is finally here with their Dovpo Blotto RTA. How has Dovpo’s top of the line production matched with Vaping Bogan’s experience? Continue reading this Dovpo Blotto RTA UK review to find out how Dovpo Blotto RTA UK fares in our review!

Box Contents

A light-weight box, it contains all the essentials listed below and does not contain any unnecessary items. Well, we are quite pleased to see a much needed move towards sustainability. A single box contains one piece each of:

  • Bubble Glass
  • ULTEM Bubble Glass
  • Accessory Bag that is quite handy and easy to carry
  • User Manual that is easy to follow
  • Bottle Opener/Coil Measuring Tool

Design and Build Quality

It has a big, big tank. With a 26mm diameter, it is a sight to behold and large from top to bottom. The top cap which also has a ring for airflow control is actually beer bottle’s cap shaped which is quite neat and fits perfectly well. The machining and milling on the tank are impressive as well. The chimney is connected to the build deck through a smooth and seamless threading and makes the entire device well attached to each piece.

The Drip Tip

Silver in color and smooth to touch, it is short and convenient which makes the vaping experience a lot more comfortable than other pieces However, some users do not prefer such a vaping style. For them, the top cap allows the option of fitting any 810 drip-tip.

Build Deck

The most insane and outstanding feature is its build deck which does not have a post, but four terminals. While it can support a single and double coil, the double coil performs a lot better and brings out the best in Dovpo Blotto RTA UK.

How to Build on Dovpo Blotto RTA

When it comes to building on an RTA, the trickiest part is getting the deck and wick done well. Blotto, given its exquisite build quality, is no different and requires some learning. However, Dovpo Blotto RTA UK offers the richest flavor in all the RTAs that are in the market right now. Let’s get down to business. How do we actually build on Dovpo Blotto RTA UK and some other squonk mods:

  1. Initiate your process with a 3-4mm ID coil. Since Dovpo Blotto RTA UK comes with a measuring tool, we recommend trimming the coil down to and most precisely to an ideal 3.5mm coil.
  2. Unwind the screws of the build deck and place the coils inside. Make sure to place each coil under each wall. It is also important to not let the coil touch the walls.
  3. Place the screws and tighten them and begin to pulse the coils. However, it is pertinent that initial pulses are on low wattages.
  4. Next, use our recommended agleted cotton for wicking. The agleted cotton will have to be pushed through the wicking ports without leaving any gaps to prevent the juice from leaking.
  5. Fill the wick with juice, replace the assemblies of glass and tank, and you’re ready to vape and rock!


With incredible specs that offer tremendous draw off, an awesome flavor, and most dense clouds, Dovpo Blotto is the best RTA in town, especially for dual coils. The building on this RTA is challenging for beginners; however, the visual appeal, large tank capacity, and super smooth MTL draw are worth the effort of building this squonk mod.


  1. Where is the best online store to buy vape juice for RTA in the UK?

Newvaping have more than 2000 e-liquids and offer free shipping on any orders over 45 pounds, and process most orders on the next working day of you placing them.

  1. Is dual coil better than single?

Basically, the dual heating coil doubles the heat and vapor production of the e-cigarette and produces stronger, warmer and more luscious vapor clouds in less time than single coil e-cigs.

  1. What is RTA?

RTA stands for a rebuildable tank atomizer, RTA vape tanks come in different coil configurations and it matches the versatility of build decks with the convenience of tanks.