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The terms (MTL) Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung (DTL) can be very pretty new to beginners who are just stepping into the vaping world. MTL and DTL are different styles in vaping, which will be developed according to individuals preferences. MTL is similar to smoking a cigarette. To use the Mouth lo lung style, you will firstly inhale the vape into your mouth, after which you will pause a while and then inhale it into your lungs.

Before determining which MTL pod system is the best, it’s ideal to know what to look out for in a good MTL device.

How to know a very good MTL device

To choose a well-functioning vape kit for MTL that will serve you for a long time, consider these main things: Airflow, Mouthpiece, Coil resistance.


To choose a very good vape device for MTL, the airflow needs serious consideration. A good airflow on your device means a warmer and easier vape. When you hold the vape in your mouth for a while, it will prepare your lungs to be more receptive.


To guide your shopping for a good MTL vape device, the mouthpiece is one of the essential parts that you need to check put more attention on. The Mouthpiece of an MTL vape device is designed very similarly to cigarettes since both are used in like manners. Note that a typical MTL mouthpiece is always narrower than DTL mouthpieces. This narrow mouthpiece enables the user to get a tighter airflow.

Coil Resistance

A good coil should have some information about its suggested wattage and resistance on the side. Meanwhile, MTL coils have 1.0 ohms resistance or more. More than often, the wattage for MTL coils is below 25 watts. If you compare DTL and MTL coils, you will notice that MTL coils are much smaller. Since the Smaller the coils, the tighter the airflow; smaller coils are great for an excellent vaping experience.

Best MTL Vape Pods

Amongst other MTL vape pods in the market today, the UK Smok NOVO X is top rated. It is a stylish and ergonomic pod. This pod system is powered by an 800mAh battery with an adjustable power range of 1-25 watts. It uses two 2ml 0.8-ohm. The Smok NOVO X allows you to enjoy the best l MTL vaping with an enjoyable throat hit. The Smok NOVO X features a small power button, and a 0.49 inch OLED screen can tell you every key data associated with the device. The OLED screen updates the user with every necessary device’s data, including the battery status, charging status, and more. This device was manufactured with a top-quality material that presents a fresh look and offers more possibilities worth exploring.

The Smok NOVO X succeeds in the Novo series, redefining the pod system with the newly developed features. The Smok NOVO X projects a classic exterior design that maintain the prestige of the series. This device also provides a variety of protective functions to allow you to vape more safely.

The Smok NOVO X is a portable, classical pod vape. The elegant metallic body with fine CNC cutting and plating brings out a unique appearance and makes it more pleasurable in hand. The device is 16.5mm thin and weighs only 50.2 grams. The Smok NOVO X provides you fresh vaping with style and comfort when you inhale through the mouthpiece.


The Smok NOVO X is available in eight beautiful colors and styles, including silver cobra, black cobra, blue cobra, white cobra, seven color cobra, black stabilizing wood, red stabilizing wood, and seven color resin. The packaging contains the Smok NOVO X device (800mAh), Novo x DC 0.8 MTL Pods (2ml), USB Cable, and User Manual.


  1. What is a pod system?A pod system has a pre-filled cartridge or cartridges you can fill that holds the e-liquid. The cartridge snaps into a small battery which powers the device.
  2. How do you use vape pods?Hold the vapour in your mouth for a moment then inhale into the lungs before exhaling. Pod vapes have been designed around this with their slightly tighter draw, higher nicotine levels, and better throat hit than larger vape devices.
  3. What are Pod Vapes?Pod vapes have two different types: open systems and closed pod systems:Closed pod systems have replaceable pod cartridges, which aren’t refillable. But you can refill your flavoured e-liquid in the open system pod vape.