Writing For The Web – When Your Web Site Is A Blog

You’re a Web writer, so you need a way to display your Web skills so that people will hire you to write for them, and a blog is perfect for that.

I LOVE creating Web sites, and I love blogging, so I find both equally fun to create, and to develop. However, if you haven’t created a Web site before, a blog can provide a very useful alternative. Here you can get more information about Sourajit Saha Instagram.

Blogs Are Push-Button Publishing

A blog is push-button, instant publishing. You can create a blog within a minute or two at Blogger, and even if you opt for a WordPress install, many Web hosts have one-click installs with Fantastico, so again, you can create a blog FAST.

The sooner you get your blog/ site (a blog is a Web site after all) online, the sooner you will begin reaping the benefits.

Your Blog As Your Web Writers Portfolio

If you’re using your blog as your portfolio, here’s what you might include:

* Your bio (slanted towards your writing skills);* Samples of your work (create samples, if you don’t have any publishing credits yet); and

* Sales material – a list of the writing you do, plus the benefits of this. For example, if you intend to write articles as Web content for Web publishers, explain why Web content is important (it leads to higher rankings and free organic search traffic, etc).

Your Portfolio Blog Is Not A Personal Blog

It’s important that you remember that this blog is your portfolio blog, and not a personal blog. In other words, don’t journal. Only material that’s portfolio-related belongs on this blog. If you want a journal, create another blog for that purpose.

Have fun creating a portfolio Web writers’ blog. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours to get online, including writing your bio and sales material.