The Many Benefits of Muslin Swaddles

The Many Benefits of Muslin Swaddles

Once you’ve stocked up on your muslin squares, grab a few of these amazing organic muslin wraps for your nursery. Cam Cam’s Organic baby muslin swaddles are made of GOTS-certified 100% organic premium cotton and measure 120 x 120 cm. These organic muslin wraps are also sustainable and eco-friendly – something we care deeply about at Nordlife! Just like our standard muslin squares, these lovely muslin swaddles have a variety of useful applications in and out of the nursery:

SLEEP: Use the muslin swaddle to get your new-born to sleep snugly and soundly. The light muslin fabric is perfect for warmer weather, hotter climates and summertime because they keep baby night and snug without overheating.

BREASTFEEDING: These muslin swaddles are also great for use when breastfeeding as they can be used as a cover to drape over baby and for wiping up small spills.

SHADE: Another fantastic use for these muslin swaddles is using them as a light cover to drape over the pram to keep the sun off your baby’s precious and delicate skin.

CHANGING: You can also use these swaddles on top of your changing table as a base to keep it clean – simply toss into the wash to clean!

Not only are these baby muslin wraps adorable and practical, they also are intended for one of the oldest traditions in baby care – swaddling. Swaddling your baby during their first few months of life has countless benefits.

Benefits of swaddling:

For decades, midwifes and healthcare providers have recommended swaddling babies during their first three months of life. When your little one wrapped up in a baby muslin wrap, it simulates the familiar and comforting feeling of the mother’s womb. Here are a few of the benefits of swaddling your little one with our sustainable and organic muslin wraps:

  1. Longer and more sound sleep
  2. The traditional hands-over-heart swaddling position allows babies to self-soothe and sleep better on their own
  3. Prevents accidental face scratching
  4. Soothes babies and alleviates colic
  5. Prevents unnecessary awakening due to startle reflexes

The term ‘muslin’ is derived from the French word ‘mousse’ due to its soft, foamy texture and feel. Muslin fabric is a delicate yet durable fabric made from natural cotton fibres with a soft, breathable open weave. The open weave on muslin fabric made it perfect for use in regions with high humidity – especially in India where the fabric originated. Muslin cloths are an extremely versatile textile and have a wide range of household uses, but their super soft, breathable and natural fabric makes them the perfect material for babies’ sensitive skin.

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